Roatan Parcel



2 acres
MLS# HO100

Pure Stoke Caribbean Style

With sweet Caribbean breezes, white sand beaches, and an epic ocean view, this parcel has everything you could want for an ultimate building site. If your definition of paradise includes empty beaches, no crowds, and not having to dress for dinner, consider owning this amazing parcel.

This 2 acre property is located in the municipality of Oak Ridge. The property backs up to the National forest which cannot be built upon. This area was a favorite of the pirates because they would anchor their galleons in Port Royal, a deep water estuary, and use the oak grown on all the land to repair their masts and spars.
At one time Port Royal was a thriving community of more than 5000 people, mostly sailors and pirates.
This lot is full of mature oak trees, and has many house locations, all with full ocean views of the Caribbean and the mainland of Honduras. It also gets the trade winds daily.​

These islands give visitors a taste of what the Caribbean was like before development surged: a laid-back getaway with turquoise water, lush tropical vegetation and an easy transition into island life with no high-rises, no traffic and no stress. The Mesoamerican reef system that rings the Bay Islands like a jeweled necklace is second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef.


Honduras mainlanders often refer to the English-speaking Bay Islanders as caracols, or conchs—a shellfish found in local waters. Islanders consider the label a reference to their relaxed lifestyle. The islands have a mañana culture: businesses close for siesta, posted schedules sometimes mean nothing and nobody rushes around.

There are direct flights from Houston, Atlanta and New York to Roatán (RTB), with flight times of 2 hours and 40 minutes, 3 hours and 25 minutes and 5 hours, respectively. The next-best option is flying to San Pedro Sula (SAP) on the Honduran mainland, which tacks on perhaps 30 minutes to the international flight.

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